Eleventh Annual LatCrit Symposium

Proceedings from: LatCrit XI: Working and Living in the Global Playground: Frontstage and Backstage, University of Nevada Las Vegas, William S. Boyd School of Law, Las Vegas, Nevada, October 5-8, 2006


Emerging Latina/o Nation and Anti-Immigrant Backlash by Sylvia R. Lazos Vargas


Introduction: The subordination and Anti-Subordination Story of the U.s. Immigrant Experience in the 21st Century by Raquel E. Aldana

Bearing Witness To Economic Injustices of Undocumented Immigrant Families: A New Class of “Undeserving” Poor by Francine J. Lipman

“Bad” Mothers and Spanish-Speaking Caregivers by Annette R. Appell

The Immigrant Rights Marchers (Las Marchas): Did the “Gigante” (Giant) Wake Up or Does It Still Sleep Tonight by Sylvia R. Lazos Vargas

Modern-Day Slavery and Cultural Bias: Proposals for Reforming the U.S. Visa System for Victims of International Human Trafficking by Marisa Silenzi Cianciarulo

Silenced Struggles: The Experiences of Latina and Latino Undocumented College Students in California by Lindsay Perez Huber and Maria C. Malagon

Be Careful What You Ask For: Education Para Todas/os, The Perils and the Power by Jessica Solyom, Jeremiah Chin, Kristi Ryuijin, Nicol Razon, Thanhtung Thantrong, & X. Yvette Gonzalez


Introduction: Old Hate in New Bottles: Privatizing, Localizing, and Bundling Anti-Spanish and Anti-Immigrant Sentiment in the 21st Century by Steven W. Bender

Immigration and Language Rights: The Evolution of Private Racist Attitudes into American Public Law and Policy by Lupe S. Salinas

The Democratic Right to Full Bilingual Education by Thomas Kleven

The Less Than Fair Employment Practice of an English-Only Rule in the Workplace by L. Darnell Weeden


Second Annual Culp LatCrit Lecture – The Constitution of Terror: Big Lies, Backlash Jurisprudence, and the Rule of Law in the United States Today by Francisco Valdes


The Race Question in LatCrit Theory and Asian American Jurisprudence by Robert S. Chang and Neil Gotanda