LatCrit Symposia

The LatCrit Symposia is designed to memorialize the proceedings of the Annual and now Biennial Conference, to create a literature on Latinas/os and the law and outsider groups and their aligned antisubordination struggles, and to support outsider legal journals. These publications are supplemented with other symposia that are “free-standing” or independent of a “live” event, or that are based on other LatCrit events – such as the Colloquium on International and Comparative Law, the South-North Exchange, or the Study Spaces. To date, more than forty LatCrit symposia are in print or in progress, and some of them are linked in this website for easy global access.

Scholarship Research Toolkit

This resource consists of two different indices, which are designed to be distinct though complementary.  Please read the more detailed descriptions of each by clicking on the appropriate links located throughout the toolkit to better understand how they are organized, and can be used to complement each other in light of your specific research goals.

To access the Scholarship Research Toolkit, click here.

The Critical Justice Textbook Project

In summer 2021, West Academic published the textbook Critical Justice: Systemic Advocacy in Law and Society. The Critical Justice book equips students and teachers with a framework for confronting systemic injustice by developing systemic advocacy projects rooted in insights of the critical schools of legal knowledge and field-based advocacy approaches. The textbook describes both law’s complicity in maintaining injustice and its importance as a tool in struggles to advance equal justice. Drawing on iconic and cutting-edge writings from the rich body of the critical schools of legal thought and the trenches of systemic advocacy, the Critical Justice textbook outlines the “Critical Challenge” for advocates: how to translate the noble promise of equal justice into lived social realities for all—how to use law for justice.

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CLAVE (klá-ve)

CLAVE is the LatCrit academic journal published in hard copy as well as online. The hard-copy issue is published by the Inter-American University of Puerto Rico (IAUPR) School of Law, and is a peer-reviewed periodical with two issues per year edited by a LatCrit Board of Editors and Contributing Editors in conjunction with a Student Editorial Board. The online version is managed by the same editorial board. The hard-copy Journal is administered through the IAUPR School of Law. The online issue is managed through the University of California-Berkeley School of Law. The online version of Clave features both collective works, such as symposia based on various LatCrit programs or events, as well as individual articles submitted for publication year-round.

LatCrit Primer

Published in 2021 by New York University Press with all author proceeds to LatCrit, the slim volume LatCrit: From Critical Legal Legal Theory to Academic Activism tells the story of LatCrit’s growth and influence as a scholarly and activist community. For more detail on the
published Primer and predecessor Primer resources, click here.

LatCrit Monograph Series (LMS)

The LatCrit Monograph Series (LMS) is designed to supplement the Primer, the Flyer and the Brochure with a series of substantive yet short essays on various aspects of LatCrit theory written by different LatCritters posted to our website. The idea is to provide various perspectives on “LatCrit” so that interested folks from other disciplines or world regions may read, download and use them to get a diverse sense of our communities and agendas. The Monograph Series was begun in 2002 as part of our ongoing efforts to reach toward the Global South. Interested folks should contact us about authoring additional Monographs on various aspects of LatCrit theory, praxis and community.