Counterdisciplinary Notes on Race, Power & the State

A Joint Project Between LatCrit and the Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico, Facultad de Derecho

The beat at the heart of Latin music is clave, a rhythm brought with the African diaspora from the Yoruba, Congo and other African peoples to the Spanish-colonized Caribbean. The clave rhythm has been described as “the keystone, the wedge-shaped stone placed at the top of an arch which locks all the other stones in place.” In addition to the musical meaning of clave, the word can also mean “key,” “code” “the foundation of a matter,” or “the heart of the matter.” Finally, clave can mean “getting screwed.”

CLAVE explores the ways in which states, laws, and other forces and discourses subject nationalized, gendered, sexualized, and racialized bodies. CLAVE also explores the many modes of resistance to state power, symbolized by the steady beat of the clave through colonialism, imperialism, and diaspora. In accordance with the goals and methods of LatCrit, Inc. CLAVE seeks to establish conversations that disrupt the traditional boundaries of nation, discipline, and academic hierarchy.

We welcome articles from academics in disciplines such as cultural studies, area studies, ethnic studies, history, political science, political theory, sociology, philosophy, anthropology, as well as “law proper.” We welcome submissions from organizers, activists, practitioners, artists and others. CLAVE publishes articles, interviews, poems, prose, plays, images, videos, works in progress, rants, and appreciations. We also encourage proposals for themed issues.

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