LatCrit Primer

The LatCrit Primer as well as the LatCrit Flyer and the LatCrit Informational Brochure (both available in Spanish and English), are designed to help folks interested in LatCrit theory to become acquainted with our works, projects, plans and hopes. All three were created during the past several years in response to requests for informational resources. In addition, the LatCrit Informational CD, inaugurated in 2003, supplements these three informational resources with a comprehensive compilation of publications, project materials, and archival documents. The Primer is updated every two-or-three symposia, and presents a sampling of the symposia publications. It currently features three volumes spanning most of the symposia published to date. The Flyer, Informational Brochure and the Informational CD are updated annually.

The initial Volume 1 of this Primer assembled selections from among the five LatCrit Symposia/Colloquia that had been published in law journals at the time of the Planning process for LatCrit IV. Those journals include: La Raza Law Journal, which published proceedings of the initial gathering in Puerto Rico that launched the LatCrit project; the University of Miami Inter-American Law Review, which published the first symposium ever to examine international law and international human rights from a specifically RaceCritical/LatCritical perspective; the Harvard Latino Law Review, which published the articles and essays emerging from the LatCrit I Conference in La Joya; the California Law Review/La Raza Law Journal, which produced the first stand alone volume of LatCrit Scholarship (separate and apart from the LatCrit Annual Conferences) in a major mainstream law review, and the UCLA Chicano-Latino Law Review, which published articles and essays emerging from the LatCrit II Conference in San Antonio. Volume I of the Primer was assembled by Roberto Corrada of the University of Denver College during the planning process for LatCrit IV.

The second Volume of LatCrit scholarship compiled specifically for the purpose of introducing LatCrit conference participants to the evolving body of LatCrit theory and discourse. This second volume of the Primer has been assembled in preparation for the LatCrit VI conference and reflects the editorial selections of Elizabeth Iglesias, Kevin Johnson and Frank Valdes, as well as the logistical support of Pedro Malavet at the University of Florida College of Law and of the support staff of the University of Miami Center for Hispanic and Caribbean Legal Studies. Neither Volume purports to define the parameters of LatCrit theory or discourse, but rather seeks only to reflect some of the major currents that have been evolving in LatCrit scholarship during the first five years of the LatCrit project.

This Volume takes up where the first left off. It includes articles from the LatCrit symposia that have made it “to press” at the time of the Planning for LatCrit VI. These journals include: the University of Miami Law Review Symposium, which published the articles and essays of the LatCrit III Conference in Miami Beach; the University of California at Davis Law Review Symposium, which published the articles and essays of the LatCrit IV Conference in California, as well as the Michigan Journal of Law Reform/Michigan Journal of Race and the Law which produced the second stand alone volume of LatCrit scholarship – a symposium, which focused specifically on introducing interdisciplinary scholarship and centering questions of culture, nation and power in LatCrit discourse.

The third Volume of the LatCrit Primer provides a historical overview of the development of LatCrit legal theory by publishing the Forewords and Afterwords of the various LatCrit Symposia. This volume reflects the growth of the LatCrit theory through the participation of an expanding number of international and interdisciplinary scholars. This Primer also provides a glimpse of content of each symposium.