LatCrit Student Scholars and Finalists

The LatCrit Student Scholar Program (SSP) is a joint project with LatCrit’s sponsoring schools. The SSP offers students and recent graduates pursuing intellectual agendas in race, ethnicity, and the law the chance to join the LatCrit community. In order to be considered for the program, applicants are asked to submit a portfolio of materials, including a previously unpublished paper, a statement of purpose, and a curriculum vita. A panel of distinguished LatCrit faculty from around the United States and elsewhere examines these student portfolios and selects three to five students to be designated LatCrit Student Scholars and/or SSP Finalists. LatCrit Student Scholars are invited to present their work at the biennial LatCrit conference, receive financial support toward their conference-related travel and hotel expenses, and are mentored by established LatCrit scholars working within their field of interest. The program is open to students, and those who have graduated within the past three years, writing in English, at any accredited degree program around the world.

At least nine SSP alumni are now in full-time law faculty positions in the United States or Canada, and many others are actively engaged in social justice lawyering.

Jeremiah Chin (2013)

Red Law, White Supremacy: Cherokee Freedmen, Tribal Sovereignty and the Colonial Feedback Loop

Sonja Francine Marie Diaz (2012)

University of California Berkeley School of Law (Boalt Hall), 2013

History Over Cartography: The Need for a Reassessment of Voting Rights Law in the Quest for a Second Latino Supervisorial District in Los Angeles County

Un Kyong Ho (2011)

University of Cincinnati School of Law

Sowing the Seeds of Death: The Emergence of Corporate Reproductive Labor and its Rights Regime

Zelalem Bogale  (2011 Finalist)

California Western School of Law Class of 2011

E-Responsibility: E-Waste, International Law, and Africa’s Growing Digital Wasteland

Roberto Concepción (2011 Finalist)

Columbia Law

Thou Shalt Not Be a Former Criminal Offender: Pre-Employment Criminal Background Checks and their Disparate Impact on Racial Minorities

Brittany Danielle Jones (2011 Finalist)

NYU Law Class of 2011

The Price of a Slave: Racially Disparaging Trademarks and their Analysis under the Lanham Act

Michele Park Sonen (2010)

University of Hawai`i, William S. Richardson School of Law

Liz Rieser-Murphy (2010)

University of Miami School of Law

Tania Valdez (2010)

University of California, Berkeley School of Law

Toni Holness (2010 Finalist)

Fellow, Georgetown University Law Center – Women’s Law and Public Policy Program Temple University Beasley School of Law Class of 2011

Gay Rights in the Global South: Using International Norms to Advance Gay Equality

Samantha Thomas (2009)

Vinay Harpalani (2008)

Associate Professor, Savannah Law School

Danielle Boazx(2007)

University of Toledo School of Law in 2006

Gina Cabarcass (2007)

Universidad de los Andes in 2006

Language and Domination: The Word “Indian” and its Use in the First Year of the Republic in Colombia

César Cuahtémoc García Hernández (2007)

Boston College Law School Class of 2007

Visiting Professor, University of Denver Sturm College of Law

Of Interior Stock: The Two-Pronged Repression of Radical Immigrant Birth Control Advocates at the Turn-of-the-Twentieth Century

Javier Garcia (2006)

Associate, Perkins Coie – Seattle

Dariely Rodriguez (2006)

Hofstra University School of Law in 2006

Associate, Jackson Lewis LLP – Long Island Office

Cruz Caridad Bueno (2005)

At the Intersection of Racial and Gender Subordination: Afro-Dominican Women in Export Processing Zones

Stephen Lee (2005)

Acting Professor of Law, UC Irvine School of Law [biography]

Remembering Chol Soo Lee: Cities and Anti-Asian Subordination

Jorge Contesse Singh (2005)

Assistant Professor, Rutgers University Newark School of Law

Rose Cuison Villazor (2005)

Professor of Law, University of California, Davis

Marginalization of Territorial Self Determination Claims in Equal Protection Jurisprudence

Jose Miguel Flores (2004)

Boston College Law School


Globalization and Urban Opportunities in the Immigrant Cityscape

Marc-Tizoc González (2003)

Berkeley Law Class of 2005

Associate Professor, St. Thomas University School of Law

Divining the Future: Transcending the Black-White Binary To Envision Public School De/Segregation in the United States

Maria Guadalupe Salomon (2004)

University of Buenos Aires

Articulaciones politicas de los movimientos GLTTB en la Argentina (1969-2004)

SpearIt / Edward Maldonado (2004)

Ph.D. in religious studies at the University of California – Santa Barbara

Associate Professor, Texas Southern University

God Behind Bars: Race, Religion & Revenge

Alexia Brunet (2003)

Northwestern University School of Law

Associate Professor of Law, University of Colorado, Boulder [biography]

Kim David Chanbonpin (2003)

Richardson School of Law at the University of Hawaii

Associate Professor, The John Marshall Law School

How The Border Crossed Us: Filling The Gap Between Plume v. Seward And The Dispossession Of Mexican Landowners In California After 1848

Nicholas Espiritu (2003)

UCLA School of Law Class of 2004, concentration in Critical Race Studies

Attorney, National Immigration Law Center

(E)Racing Youth: The Racialized Construction Of California”s Proposition 21 And The Development Of Alternate Contestations

Ummni Khan (2003)

University of Michigan, LL.M., Class of 2004

Associate Professor, Carleton College, Department of Law and Legal Studies [ biography ]

Manuel Rilo (2003)

Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Foreign Languages and Literature, University of Miami

¡Oh! Y ahora, ¿quién podrá defenderme? Melodrama mediático, mujer, justicia y nación: Laura, la defensora de los pobres