Eighth Annual LatCrit Symposium

Proceedings from: LatCrit VIII: City & The Citizen: Operations of Power, Strategies of Resistance, Wyndham Hotel – Playhouse Square, Cleveland, Ohio, May 1-4, 2003


Francisco Valdes¸ City And Citizen: Community-Making As Legal Theory And Social Struggle

Section I: City and Citizenship: Between and Beyond the Nation State

Introduction, Tayyab Mahmud, Citizen and Citizenship Within and Beyond the Nation
Charles R. Venator Santiago, Race, Nation-Building And Legal Transculturation During The Haitian Unification Period (1822-1844): Towards A Dominican Perspective
Mary Romero & Marwah Serag, Violation Of Latino Civil Rights Resulting From Ins And Local Police”s Use Of Race, Culture And Class Profiling: The Case Of The Chandler Roundup In Arizona
Berta Esperanza Hernández-Truyol & Matthew Hawk, Traveling The Boundaries Of Statelessness: Global Passports And Citizenship

Section II: Race Ethnicity and Gender: Identity and Ideology in Law, Theory and Culture

Introduction, Angela P. Harris, Introduction: Love And Architecture: Race, Nation, And Gender Performances Inside And Outside The State
Nancy Ehrenreich, Disguising Empire: Racialized Masculinity and the “Civilizing” of Iraq

Imani Perry, Of Desi, J. Lo And Color Matters: Law, Critical Race Theory The Architecture Of Race
Anita Tijerina Revilla, Raza Womyn Engaged In Love And Revolution: Chicana/Latina Student Activists Creating Safe Spaces Within The University
Marta NúÑez Sarmiento, Changes In Gender Ideology Among Professional Women And Men In Cuba Today
Nicholas Espiritu, (E)Racing Youth: The Racialized Construction Of California”s Proposition 21 And The Development Of Alternate Contestations

Section III: Identity, Discourse & Society: Mapping the Lines of Critical Inquiry

Introduction, Keith Aoiki, Cities In (White) Flight: Space, Difference And Complexity In Latcrit Theory
Julian Webb, Law, Ethics, And Complexity: Complexity Theory & The Normative Reconstruction of Law
Reginald C. Oh, Mapping A Materialist Latcrit Discourse on Racism
Aaron Monty, Retranslating Difference

Section IV: Migration, Land and Labor: Outlooks on Latino Reparations

Introduction, Guadalupe T. Luna, Land, Labor and Reparations
Ronald L. Mize, Reparations For Mexican Braceros? Lessons Learned From Japanese And African American Attempts At Redress
Kim David Canbonpin, How The Border Crossed Us: Filling The Gap Between Plume v. Seward And The Dispossession Of Mexican Landowners In California After 1848


Pedro A. Malavet, Outsider Citizenships and Multidimensional Borders: The Power and Danger of Not Belonging