General Instructions for Use of the LatCrit Scholarship Research Toolkit

(Last Updated September 2012)

Welcome to the LatCrit Scholarship Research Toolkit!  This resource consists of two different indices, which are designed to be distinct though complementary.  Please read the more detailed descriptions of each by clicking on the appropriate icon below to better understand how they are organized, and can be used to complement each other in light of your specific research goals.

As you will see, the LatCrit Thematic Index focuses on 25 substantive themes of LatCrit scholarship derived from the actual themes of the essay “clusters” in the 30-some symposia that LatCrit scholars have produced and published since 1995.* In effect, the Theme Index tracks the efforts of LatCrit theorists to explore and elucidate these general categories of inquiry across a number of years.   For your easy review, the LatCrit Theme Chart accompanying the Thematic Index lists these 25 substantive themes, and each essay or article published in a LatCrit symposium since 1995 has been assigned to one or more of the themes in this Theme Chart.

In addition, the LatCrit Keyword Index organizes the articles of the LatCrit symposia by specific keywords designed to provide easy entry points for research of this considerable literature.  These keywords include guideposts based on geography, schools and frameworks of thought, and identities by various categories.  Not surprisingly, many of the keywords overlap with the terms used in the themes to organize the Thematic Index, but the Keyword Index also provides an extended list of more precise categories that thoroughly map the individual essays.

Both indices aim to help researches, but each takes a slightly different approach, hoping to help diverse researchers expedite their work.  The generality of the Theme Index lends itself, for example, to comparative and inter-disciplinary work and allows broader comparison of existing scholarship, while the Keyword Index ensures the LatCrit scholar can track or access the specific concepts or issues taken on by LatCrit theorists.  The main difference between the two is the level of generality—the themes listed are more generalized then the fairly specific keywords.

As a general rule, pieces earmarked in similar ways by both indices indicate the researcher should engage those pieces when traversing a similar scholarly path. At all times, researchers should mix and match elements of each to suit their purposes, and always should consider using both the Theme Index and the Keyword Index in tandem to provide the surest research results.  When ready, please click on the Thematic Index icon or Keyword Index icon to access, use and learn more details about each.
*Most LatCrit symposia are presented in the form of "clusters" of essays organized around substantive themes. These clusters consist of essays that conform to the Symposium Submission Guidelines, which request that authors limit their texts. The Symposium Submission Guidelines are posted to the LatCrit website,, for easy reference. Information on LatCrit theory, including the full text of the inaugural LatCrit symposium based on the First Annual LatCrit Conference, can be obtained at the LatCrit website. To view the LatCrit symposia, see, and then click Publications.