Specific Instructions for Use of the LatCrit Thematic Index

(Last Updated August 2021)
Welcome to the Thematic Index of the LatCrit Scholarship Research Toolkit.  As you know, this Thematic Index is organized around 25 general themes, all of which are listed alphabetically in the Theme Chart accompanying this Index.

The Thematic Index is organized alphabetically by theme or subject, as presented in the accompanying Theme Chart.  Researchers are encouraged to use any and all of these alternatives to ensure comprehensive research results, and to cross-check results with the Keyword Index.

This Thematic Index is updated periodically.  If you have any questions, feedback or concerns, please contact the Project Team Coordinators.  Many, many thanks especially for your feedback with suggestions to improve the utility of the LatCrit Scholarship Research Toolkit in any way.

Thematic Index by theme or subject

Keyword Index

Theme Chart (Summary)