Electronic Syllabi Bank (ESB)

The E-Syllabi Bank (ESB): An online community resource for critical teaching and learning

During the past several decades, courses on law, identity and in/equality have become an increasingly accepted part of legal education. These courses help fill gaps in the traditional law school curriculum, which often overlooked the issues or situations most pressing for traditionally subordinated communities within and beyond the United States.

The syllabi presented through this project display the rich diversity of approaches and combinations of materials that individual teachers have developed to further these kinds of study, which this project archives to support others in building on past efforts.

The E-Syllabi Bank housed the syllabi of participating teachers—in varied areas—to promote critical approaches and effective teaching in multiple kinds of courses. For ease of use, the ESB was organized by subject (i.e., course name) and teacher surname, enabling users to search for useful syllabi based on topic or by professor. Participation in this community project was always completely voluntary: once annually we invite all interested parties to update existing syllabi, or submit new ones, in order to continue building this resource from year to year. Apart from this annual update, we invited and welcomed syllabi at any time during the year, and posted new submissions periodically.

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In 2022 this project was folded into the new syllabus bank established by the Critical (Legal) Collective, which LatCrit scholars helped to originate and launch in the 2021–2022 academic year.