Second Annual LatCrit Symposium

Proceedings from: LatCrit II: Difference, Solidarity and Law: Building Latina/o Communities Through LatCrit Theory , San Antonio, Texas, May 1-4, 1997


Elvia R. Arriola, March


Gloria Sandrino-Glasser, Los Confundidos: De-Conflating Latinos/As” Race And Ethnicity

Article Commentaries

Anthony Paul Farley, All Flesh Shall See It Together

Jennifer M. Russell, Constructing Latinoness: Ruminations On Reading Los Confundidos


Race, Ethnicity & Gender As Anti-Subordination Identities: Latcrit Perspectives

Laura E. Gomez, Constructing Latina/o Identities

Leslie Espinoza, A Vision Towards Liberation

Kevin R. Johnson, Immigration And Latino Identity

George A. Martinez, African-Americans, Latinos, And The Construction Of Race: Toward An Epistemic Coalition

Robert S. Chang, Who”s Afraid Of Tiger Woods?

Antonia Castaneda, Language And Other Lethal Weapons: Cultural Politics And The Rites Of Children As Translators Of Culture

Maureen Ebben And Norma Guerra Gaier, Telling Stories, Telling Self: Using Narrative To Uncover Latinas” Voices And Agency In The Legal Profession

Ana M. Novoa, American Family Law: History – Whostory

Composing Latcrit Theory: Self-Critical Reflections on “Latinas/os”

Introduction, Devon W. Carbado, The Ties That Bind

Pat K. Chew, Constructing Our Selves/Our Families: Comments On Latcrit Theory

Berta Esperanza Hernandez-Truyol, Building Bridges Iii – Personal Narratives, Incoherent Paradigms, And Plural Citizens

Enrique R. Carrasco, Who Are We?

Guadalupe T. Luna, “Zoo Island:” Latcrit Theory, “Don Pepe” And Senora Peralta

Luz Guerra, Latcrit y La Des-Colonizacion Nuestra: Taking Colon Out

Gerald P. Lopez, Learning About Latinos

Religion And Spirituality In Outsider Theory: Toward A Latcrit Conversationintroduction

Introduction, Margaret E. Montoya, Religious Rituals And Latcrit Theorizing

Verna Sanchez, Looking Upward And Inward: Religion And Critical Theory

Nancy K. Ota, Falling From Grace: A Meditation On Latcrit II

Reynaldo Anaya Valencia, On Being An “Out” Catholic: Contextualizing The Role Of Religion At Latcrit II

Emily Fowler Hartigan, Disturbing The Peace

Max J. Castro, The Missing Center? Cuba”s Catholic Church With A Preface And A Proscript/Reflections


Elizabeth M. Iglesias & Francisco Valdes, Religion, Gender, Sexuality, Race And Class In Coalitional Theory: A Critical And Self-Critical Analysis Of Latcrit Social Justice Agendas


Lisa Rodriguez Navarro, An Analysis of Treatment of Unaccompanied Immigrant And Refugee Children In INS Detention And Other Forms of Institutionalized Custody