First Annual LatCrit Symposium

Proceedings from:
LatCrit I: LatCrit Theory: Naming and Launching a New Discourse of Critical Legal Scholarship, La Jolla, California, May 2-5, 1996


Francisco Valdes, Poised at the Cusp: LatCrit Theory, Outsider Jurisprudence and Latina/o Self-Empowerment


Rachael F. Moran, Neither Black Nor White

Kevin R. Johnson, Some Thoughts on the Future of Latino Legal Scholarship

Steven W. Bender, Direct Democracy and Distrust: The Relationship Between Language Law Rhetoric and the Language Vigilantism Experience


Latina/o Identity and Pan-Ethnicity: Toward Latcrit Subjectivities

Introduction, Leslie Espinoza, Latino Pan-Ethnicity? Histories and Conditions that United and Divide our Communities

Max J. Castro, Making Pan Latino Latino Pan-Ethnicity and the Controversial Case of the Cubans

Berta Esperanza Hern√°ndez Truyol, Indivisible Identities: Culture Clashes, Confused Constructs and Reality Checks

Juan Perea, Five Axioms in Search of Equality

Races, Nationalities, Ethnicities: Mapping Latcrit (Dis)Continuities

Introduction, Robert Westley, Races, Nationalities, Ethnicities: Mapping LatCrit (Dis)Continuities

Keith Aoki, Representing Representation

Adrienne D. Davis, Identity Notes Part II: Redeeming the Body Politic

Ian F. Haney Lopez, Retaining Race: LatCrit Theory and Mexican American Identity in Hernandez v. Texas

Michael Luis Principe, A Reason For LatCrit Unification: Reflections on Comparative Efforts to Curtail Political Opposition and Terrorism

Stephanie M. Wildman, Reflections on Whiteness and Latina/o Critical Theory

Teaching, Scholarship And Service: Practicing Latcrit Theory

Introduction, Enrique Carrasco, Intellectuals, Awkwardness, and Activism

George A. Martinez, The Legal Construction of Race: Mexican-Americans and Whiteness

Margaret E. Montoya, Academic Mestizaje: Re/Producing Clinical Teaching and Re/Framing Wills as Latina Praxis

Laura M. Padilla, LatCrit Praxis to Heal Fractured Communities

Multiplicities And Intersectionalities: Exploring Latcrit Diversities

Introduction, Keith Aoki, Multiplicities and Intersectionalities: Exploring LatCrit Diversities

Elvia Arriola, Welcoming the Outsider to an Outsider Conference: Law and the Multiplicities of Self

Robert S. Chang, Racial Cross-Dressing

Sumi K. Cho, Essential Politics

Mary Coombs, LatCrit Theory and the Post-Identity Era: Transcending the Legacies of Color and Coalescing a Politics of Consciousness

Latinas/Os And Inter-Group Jurisprudence: Building Latcrit Communities And Coalitions

Introduction, Elizabeth M. Iglesias, The Inter-Subjectivity of Objective Justice: A Theory and Praxis for Constructing LatCrit Coalitions

Barbara J. Cox, Coalescing Communities, Discourses and Practices: Synergies in the Anti-subordination Project

Jerome McCristal Culp, Jr., Latinos, Blacks, Others, and the New Legal Narrative

Ediberto Roman, Common Ground: Perspectives on Latino-Latina Diversity

Eric K. Yamamoto, Conflict and Complicity: Justice Among Communities of Color