The Biennial LatCrit Conferences (BLC) began to take shape first as an annual conference after the Colloquium organized by the Law Professor Section of the Hispanic National Bar Association (HNBA) in 1995 and held in San Juan Puerto Rico. In 2010 the LatCrit board decided to organize and hold the annual conference on a biennial basis and held its last annual meeting in 2011. The first biennial conference took place in October 2013, in Chicago, Illinois. The annual and now biennial conferences are designed to spur the critical, cross-disciplinary study of Latinas/os as a multiply diverse and transnational social group, and in relationship to other social groups subordinated socially and/or legally. The Biennial Conferences are organized by a Project Team, and membership is open to anyone.

List of Past Annual and Future Biennial Conferences:

LatCrit I: LatCrit Theory:Naming and Launching a New Discourse of Critical Legal Scholarship, La Jolla, California, May 2-5, 1996

LatCrit II: Difference, Solidarity and Law: Building Latina/o Communities Through LatCrit Theory, San Antonio, Texas, May 1-4, 1997

LatCrit III:Comparative Latinas/os: Identity, Law and Policy in LatCrit Theory, University of Miami, Miami, Florida, May 7-10, 1998

LatCrit IV: Rotating Centers, Expanding Frontiers: LatCrit Theory and Marginal Intersections, Stanford Sierra Conference Center, Lake Tahoe, April 29-May 2, 1999

LatCrit V: Class in LatCrit: Theory and Praxis in a World of Economic Inequality, Breckenridge, Colorado, May 4-May 7, 2000

LatCrit VI: Latinas/os and the Americas: Centering North-South Frameworks in LatCrit Theory,
The University of Florida Levin College of Law Gainesville, Florida, April 26 April 29, 2001

LatCrit VII: Coalitional Theory and Praxis: Social Justice Movements and LatCrit Community, Doubletree Hotel Jantzen Beach Portland, Oregon, May 2-5, 2002

LatCrit VIII: City & The Citizen: Operations of Power, Strategies of Resistance,Wyndham Hotel – Playhouse Square, Cleveland, Ohio, May 1-4, 2003

LatCrit IX: Countering Kulturkampf Politics Through Critique and Justice Pedagogy, Desmond Hotel & Conference Center, Malvern, Pennsylvania, April 29 – May 1, 2004

LatCrit X: Critical Approaches to Economic In/justice, Caribe Hilton Hotel, San Juan, Puerto Rico October 6-10, 2005

LatCrit XI: Working and Living in the Global Playground: Frontstage and Backstage, University of Nevada Las Vegas, William S. Boyd School of Law, Las Vegas, Nevada, October 5-8, 2006

LatCrit XII: “critical localities: Epistemic Communities, Rooted Cosmopolitans, New Hegemonies, and Knowledge Processes,” College of Law, Florida International University, Miami, Florida, October 4-6, 2007

LatCrit XIII: Representation and Republican Governance: Critical Interrogation of Electoral Systems and the Exercise of the Franchise, Seattle University School of Law, Seattle, Washington, October 2-4, 2008

LatCrit XIV: Outsiders Inside the Beltway:  Critical Outsider Theory and Praxis in the Policymaking of the New American Regime, American University School of Law, Hilton Hotel, Bethesda, MD, October 1-4, 2009

LatCrit XV: The Color of the Economic Crisis: Exploring the Downturn From the Bottom Up, University of Denver Sturm College of Law, Doubletree Denver Tech Hotel Denver, CO, October 7-10, 2010

LatCrit XVI: Global Justice: Theories, Histories, Futures,California Western School of Law, Hilton Harbor Island Hotel San Diego, CA, October 6-9, 2011. (In 2011 LatCrit shifted to a Biennial Conference)

LatCrit 2013: Resistance Rising: Theorizing and Building Cross-Sector Movements, Chicago, IL October 5-6, 2013

LatCrit 2015: Critical Constitutionalism: Social Justice Change and Outsider Legal Studies, Doubletree by Hilton Hotel Anaheim, CA, October 1–3, 2015

LatCrit 2017: 2016 Elections: What’s Next? Outsider Jurisprudence and Progressive Formations at a Crossroad, Orlando, Florida, September 29–30, 2017

LatCrit 2019: The Dispossessed Majority: Resisting the Second Redemption in América Posfascista(Postfascist America), Georgia State University College of Law, October 18–19, 2019

LatCrit 2021: Resistance and Transformation: Mapping Critical Geographies and Alternative Possibilities in Legal Scholarship and Praxis for the Next Twenty-Five Years, Virtual, October 8-9, 2021

LatCrit 2023: Hemispheric Justice: Cultivating Solidarity across the South–North Divide of the Americas, October 6-7, 2023