Imagined and originally implemented by Angela P. Harris, Frank Valdes, Margaret E. Montoya, and Sumi Cho, the LatCrit SSP seeks to diversify the legal academy with activist scholars from historically underrepresented communities. Since LatCrit awarded its first cohort of SSP “Student Scholars” in 2003, the SSP has helped more than ten individuals obtain and advance successfully in tenure-track positions at law schools and other departments in the United States and Canada. Any graduate or professional student enrolled at an accredited university—throughout the world—is eligible to apply for the SSP 2019, as well as those who have earned such a degree within the last three years (i.e., graduated in 2016 or later).

Successful applicants shall receive: (1) reimbursement for reasonable expenses related to traveling to and from the LatCrit/SALT Faculty Development Workshop and LatCrit 2019 Conference, which shall convene October 17–20, 2019 at Georgia State University in Atlanta; (2) in-kind contributions covering the cost of registration and meals; (3) double-occupancy lodging (with another Student Scholar) for the duration of the conference; (4) the opportunity to submit their paper for publication in a LatCrit symposium law review issue; and (5) an introduction to a volunteer faculty mentor to assist their professional development.

In addition to the SSP 2019 Application Form, applicants should send: (1) a curriculum vitae or resume; (2) a single-spaced, one-page personal statement explaining: (a) how the SSP will further your intellectual and professional goals, and (b) how you will fulfill the SSP’s primary objective of diversifying the legal academy with activist scholars from historically underrepresented communities; and (3) an original—previously unpublished—paper, authored by you, of no more than 10,000 words, on any topic related to critical sociolegal theory and praxis, identity, and the law that you are willing to publish as part of the LatCrit 2019 law review symposium.

Application materials shall be submitted in English as .DOCX or .PDF files using an easily readable font, like Times New Roman in 12-point, with at least one-inch margins on all sides. Footnotes (Bluebook citation format preferred) shall be in a corresponding 10-point font, and the paper’s first page should indicate the paper’s word count. N.B.To facilitate the SSP project team’s review, please omit your name and other personally identifying informationfrom the paper (but not your personal statement).

Timely submissions must be received at <LatCritSSPcuLaw@cornell.eduby Sunday August 11, 2019 at 11:59pm Eastern. Questions may be directed to the SSP coordinator, Professor Marc-Tizoc González, Further information is available at, and a listing of most past SSP alumni, including links to some of their published SSP papers is at

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