Twelfth Annual LatCrit Symposium

Cluster I: Critical Politics and Jurisprudence
by Charles R. Venator Santiago

The Growing Role of American Legal Culture
by Jose Maria Monzon

K. en Guantanamo
by Hugo Rojas

Huntington’s White Patriotism and Anzaldua’s Brown Nationalism
by Charles R. Venator Santiago

Language and Domination: The Word “Indian” and its Use in the First Year of the Republic in Colombia
by Gina Cabarcas Macia

A Report on – and an Invitation to Join – the LatCrit NGO
by Tucker Culbertson

Cluster II: Tracing the Critical Education Tradition in LatCrit Theory, Praxis & Community
by Marc-Tizoc Gonzalez

Implications of the No Child Left Behind Acts for Educational Equity and Segregation
by L. Darnell Weeden

Challenging Lies LatCrit Style: A Critical Race Reflection of an Ally to Latina/o Immigrant Parent Leaders
by Veronica Nelly Velez

Teaching Law in a Multicultural, Multilingual Context
by Pamela Edwards, Raquel Gabriel, Donna Lee & David Nadvorney

Building Critical Race Methodologies in Educational Research: A Research Note on Critical Race Testimonio
by Lindsay Perez Huber

The Third Annual Jerome M. Culp Memorial Lecture: The Zombie Jamboree
by Anthony Paul Farley


“Latinas/os” and “Latina/o Legal Studies: A Critical and Self-Critical Review of LatCrit Theory and Legal Models of Knowledge Production
by Margaret E. Montoya & Francisco Valdes


Discrimination by Any Other Name: Alternative to Providing Deliberate Intent in Environmental Racism Cases
by Dora Archerman

Practice Makes Perfect? An Empirical Analysis of H.R. 5418
by Brooke Terpening

A Call for New Justice: Victims of Sexual Violence in Africa’s Internal Conflicts
by Jeanelle Ferril