Fifth Annual LatCrit Symposium


Margaret E. Montoya, Class in LatCrit: Theory and Praxis in a World of Economic Inequality

Lacrit In New Contexts

Introduction, Elvia Rosales Arriola, Talking About Power and Pedagogy

Alfredo MirandÉ, Alfredo"s Mountain Adventure: The Second Chronicle on Law, Lawyering, and Love

Guadalupe T. Luna, "La Causa Chicana" and Communicative Praxis

Alice G. Abreu, Tax Counts: Bringing Money-Law to LatCrit

Daniel G. Solorzano & Tara J. Yosso, Maintaining Social Justice Hopes Within Academic Realities: A Freirean Approach to Critical Race/LatCrit Pedagogy

Anita Tijerina Revilla, LatCrit and CRT in the Field of Education: A Theoretical Dialogue Between Two Colleagues

Comparitive Racialization

Introduction, Kevin R. Johnson, Comparative Racialization: Culture and National Origin in the Latina/o Communities

Tayyab Mahmud, Genealogy of a State-Engineered "Model Minority": "Not Quite/ Not White" South Asian Americans

Berta Esperanza Hernández-Truyol, On Becoming the Other: Cubans, Castro, and Elian -- a LatCritical Analysis

Steven W. Bender, Will the Wolf Survive?: Latino/a Pop Music in the Cultural Mainstream

Pedro A. Malavet, The Accidental Crit II: Culture and the Looking Glass of Exile

Nancy Ehrenreich, Confessions of a White Salsa Dancer: Appropriation, Identity and the "Latin Music Craze"

The Postcolonial Relationship & Latcrit

Introduction, Gil Gott, Identity and Crisis: The Critical Race Project and Postmodern Political Theory

Ratna Kapur, Post-Colonial Economies of Desire: Legal Representations of the Sexual Subaltern

E. San Juan, Jr., Post-Colonialism and the Question of Nation-State Violence

Charles R. Venator Santiago, Race, Space, and the Puerto Rican Citizenship

Sylvia R. Lazos Vargas, History, Legal Scholarship, and LatCrit Theory: The Case of Racial Transformations Circa the Spanish American War, 1896-1900

Border Crossings

Introduction, Fran Ansley, Borders

Carmen G. Gonzalez, Beyond Eco-Imperialism: An Environmental Justice Critique of Free Trade

Maria Pabon Lopez, The Phoenix Rises from El Cenizo: A Community Creates and Affirms a Latino/a Border Cultural Citizenship through its Language and Safe Haven Ordinances

Juan Velasco, Making Evil: Crime Thrillers and Chicano Cinema

Lacrit And Crinimal Justice System

Introduction, Dennis Greene, Challenging Oppression, Reclaiming Justice

Norberto Valdez, Marcia Fitzhorn, Cheryl Matsumoto, and Tracey Emslie, Police in Schools: The Struggle for Student and Parental Rights

Mary Romero, State Violence, and the Social and Legal Construction of Latino Criminality: From El Bandido to Gang Member

David Seawell, Wardlow"s Case: A Call to Broaden the Perspective of American Criminal Law

Gender, Class And Latcrit

Introduction, Julie Nice, Partiality

K.L. Broad, Critical Borderlands & Interdisciplinary, Intersectional Coalitions

Lisa Sun-Hee Park, Perpetuation of Poverty Through "Public Charge"

Athena Mutua, Why Retire the Feminization of Poverty Construct?

Laura M. Padilla, Re/Forming and Influencing Public Policy, Law and Religion: Missing From the Table


Elizabeth M. Iglesias and Francisco Valdes, LatCrit at Five: Institutionalizing a Postsubordination Future