Second LatCrit Joint Symposium

Culture, Language, Sexuality and Law: LatCrit Theory and the Construction of the Nation


Elizabeth M. Iglesias and Francisco Valdes, Expanding Directions, Exploding Parameters: Culture And Nation In LatCrit Coalitional Imagination


Berta Esperanza Hernandez-Truyol & Sharon Elizabeth Rush, Culture, Nationhood, And The Human Rights Ideal


Margaret E. Montoya, Silence and Silencing: Their Centripetal And Centrifugal Forces In Legal Communication, Pedagogy and Discourse


Steven W. Bender, Silencing Culture And Culturing Silence: A Comparative Experience Of Centrifugal Forces In The Ethnic Studies Curriculum

Dorothy E. Roberts, The Paradox Of Silence: Some Questions About Silence As Resistance


Gema Perez-Sanchez, Franco"s Spain, Queer Nation?


Peter Kwan, Querying a Queer Spain Under Franco

Ratna Kapur & Tayyab Mahmud, Hegemony, Coercion, And Their Teeth-Gritting Harmony: A Commentary On Power, Culture, And Sexuality In Franco"s Spain


Patricia Fernandez-Kelly, Legal Language in The Age Of Globalization: Prospects And Dilemmas