Current Monographs

Francisco Valdés, Legal Reform and Social Justice: An Introduction to LatCrit Theory, Praxis and Community

This Monograph provides a general overview of LatCrit theory as a genre of contemporary critical legal scholarship. But as the Monograph explains, LatCrit theory self-consciously does not limit itself to law or to scholars: students, activists and other interested parties from various disciplines, backgrounds and regions, help to constitute LatCrit theory as a collective enterprise in every respect. The ties that bind this fluid group together are a shared commitment to anti-subordination purpose and praxis. The Monograph begins with a brief account of the jurisprudential context for the emergence of LatCrit theory in 1995, and then briefly describes the origins and evolution of this enterprise since then. The Monograph then briefly describes both the substantive themes and programmatic methods that have become LatCrit hallmarks in recent years, including the community-building and institution-building aspects of the project. The Monograph concludes with a summary of LatCrit projects and plans. Ideally, this Monograph will encourage likeminded persons to join in LatCrit theory, praxis and community-building. For more information, please contact the author.