Inaugurated as part of the World Conference Against Racism, the LatCrit NGO seeks to establish a formal vehicle through which to interject multidimensional analyses of identity and subordination into proceedings at the United Nations, the World Bank and other institutions that receive NGO consultation.

In July 2006, the UN Economic, Cultural and Social Council granted our application for consultative status.

The LatCrit NGO"s work will draw from existing scholarship by community members, as well as from new analyses and arguments solicited for particular interventions.

We are currently establishing a process for transforming LatCrit scholarship into UN interventions. If you are interested in recommending topics, texts, or tactics for such interventions, please let us know.

We are also looking for New York City and Geneva area law schools that are willing to assist the LatCrit NGO by creating a Research Fellowship to support a law or graduate student in administrating, developing, and presenting LatCrit"s interventions at the UN.