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The Dispossessed Majority: Resisting the Second Redemption in 
América Posfascista(Postfascist America)

In response to the community’s statement in 2017 of the necessity to continue organizing the LatCrit Biennial Conference, we are excited to announce LatCrit 2019, which the Georgia State University College of Law will host on October 18–19, 2019. The conference will be preceded by the annual SALT/LatCrit Faculty Development Workshop, for aspiring faculty and scholars in all phases of their careers, which will be held on October 17, 2019.  

This year’s conference theme is The Dispossessed Majority: Resisting the Second Redemption in América Posfascista(Postfascist America). “The dispossessed majority” represents the effective silencing of the political voice of the majority of people in the United States. Law is instrumental to this dispossession and often colors as “legitimate” antidemocratic means like the Electoral College, racial and political gerrymandering, and voter suppression. In some cases, this dispossession also derives from extra-constitutional means, including outright fraud, manipulation, and the naked derogation of constitutional norms. This dispossession affects not only U.S. citizens, but also undocumented persons, resident aliens, asylees, refugees, and asylum seekers, indigenous peoples, and other groups whom U.S. law and society marginalize. These effects manifest through increasingly nefarious policies and practices that express fear and contempt for the majority by stoking the fires of xenophobic nationalism, inciting racist hate, and criminalizing many aspects of day-to-day life for poor and working-class peoples. 


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Shelley Cavalieri & Atiba Ellis

Program Committee Co-Chairs