Collective Self-Governance: Performing the Theory

General Purposes

The general purposes of the Corporation are to function as a not-for-profit corporation pursuant to Chapter 617, Florida Statutes, and to exercise all rights and powers conferred upon it by law, by the Articles of Incorporation, and by these By-Laws.

Specific Purposes

The specific purposes of this Corporation are to foster the development of Latina and Latino Critical Legal Theory ["LatCrit" theory], to promote the dissemination LatCrit scholarship and to facilitate and enable the growth and further consolidation of the LatCrit community as a network of legal and interdisciplinary scholars, public interest lawyers and non-governmental organizations committed to the values of antisubordination and inter-group and intra-group justice, both domestically and internationally, by engaging in the following activities:

(a) organizing conferences, workshops, symposia and other similar programs and events to promote substantive analysis and discussion of law, community and justice from a LatCrit perspective;

(b) fostering diverse, interdisciplinary, transcultural and international participation and perspectives within all LatCrit projects and programs;

(c) promoting original research, field work and data collection on matters deemed particularly relevant to the substantive development of LatCrit theory, community and praxis;

(d) publishing or otherwise promoting publication and dissemination of the findings, conclusions and results of the fieldwork and research projects undertaken to advance the development of LatCrit theory and praxis; and

(e) conducting or collaborating in, any appropriate law reform project or litigation of particular relevance to the stated purposes of LatCrit, Inc., except as prohibited by any applicable laws of the United States or of the State of Florida, or by any By-Law or Board Resolution, or by the Articles of Incorporation of this Corporation.